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$1.99 Cleaners,1.99Cleaners,Dry Cleaners,Laundry,Shirt,Dress,Dresses,Wedding Dress,Starch,Affordable,Cheap,Fast,Best,Cleaners,Union,Unipress,Unimac,USA


$1.99 Cleaners,1.99Cleaners,Dry Cleaners,Laundry,Shirt,Dress,Dresses,Wedding Dress,Starch,Affordable,Cheap,Fast,Best,Cleaners,Union,Unipress,Unimac,USA
$1.99 Cleaners,1.99Cleaners,Dry Cleaners,Laundry,Shirt,Dress,Dresses,Wedding Dress,Starch,Affordable,Cheap,Fast,Best,Cleaners,Union,Unipress,Unimac,USA
$1.99 Cleaners,1.99Cleaners,Dry Cleaners,Laundry,Shirt,Dress,Dresses,Wedding Dress,Starch,Affordable,Cheap,Fast,Best,Cleaners,Union,Unipress,Unimac,USA


Dry Cleaning History




Believe it or not dry cleaning and laudrying concept as been around so far back that ancient Romans used ammonia and Fuller's earth (Fuller's earth is any clay material that has the capability to decolorize oil or other liquids without chemical treatment) to launder their woolen togas. They had what they called fullonicaes which people of notability would use.

Modern dry cleaning uses nonwater based solvents to remove soil and stains from clothes. Using petroleum-based solvents such as gasoline and kerosene was discovered mid 19th century when a french dye-work owner noticed his table cloth was cleaner after his maid accidently spilled kerosene on it. He devloped a cleaning service "Nettoyage a` Sec" - Which is now known as "Dry cleaning."

After World War I, dry cleaners started using chlorinated solvents which which were less flammable then gasoline based solvents and had improved the cleaning power.

By the mid 1930s the dry cleaning had adopted the cleaning process to what they call PERC (perchloroethylene) which was gentle on garments and non- flammable. Clothes would generally be dropped off at a corner shop then taken to a factory to begin the cleaning process.

1993 regulations were made to reduce PERC emissions from the dry cleaning process, at this time dry cleaning was carried out in two machines. One for cleaning and one for drying the garments.

2006 -2011 EPA had started regulating the dry cleaning industry. These regulations created alternative methods of processing garments. Dry Cleaners started using alteranative chemicals like Petroleum based solvents, glycol ethers and liquid silicones. These are some of the few that are used along with some new methods due to the much stricter control on solvents emissions mandated by the EPA. It is also required that all dry cleaning machines are now fully enclosed so that no solvent and fumes are vented into the atomsphere.

Machines today incorporate a computer controlled drying sensor to monitor the end of the Dry cleaning cycle. Now all traces and solvents and fumes have been recovered during the drying process, returned, condensed and distilled so it could be reused for other loads or safely disposed of.




Our History



Established in 2003.

A small business owner that discovered at a lower cost to the consumer would result in more volume. The old ways of this business would be, drop off and pick up locations where a small business would handle your clothes and then pay a third party Dry Cleaning plant to process there clothes, and have no personal relations with customers clothes getting processed. $1.99 Cleaners found the solution. We own and operate our on Dry Cleaning processing plant, we handle each item from start to finish, with our state of the art machinery. Rest assured your items are getting the care they deserve. We house the top brands in machinery which are Union, Unipress and Unimac. Having a full operational processing plant, it encourages control and accountability. This drove our cost down & in return, we would basically be becoming a wholesaler to the public. This is what drives our customers in every day, and our quality and assurance is what keeps them coming back.



Meet the Business Owner



Tampa J

Self employed entrepreneur, that's key focus is in never forgetting that....." It's a Partnership "

He noticed that he can provide a service, but his service is only a byproduct for the business?!

The business? You ask yourself?

Your probably thinking....  Well of course it's a partnership, that's not a secret?, every owner is a partner with its business. 

His perception has a different spin to it...


When he says the business, he explained the business means...... "The customer!"   "Without the customer you have no business!" He explained.. "No matter what your craft or service is, it won't matter."   "Without the customer, you have no business!"  Never loosing site on that concept. He realized this would be his new formula for success.


"Hard work & really putting the time and the effort, to make a strong work team and be a great leader for the staff and for you all as the customers. Interacting with customers and making them feel that we are going to take care of them and do our best."



        " We do great work!

                  Top of the line equipment!

                            All at a very affordable price!"



                                   One thing is for sure, at $1.99 Cleaners....





  "Our Customers are Our Business!"

~Tampa J

$1.99 Cleaners,1.99Cleaners,Dry Cleaners,Laundry,Shirt,Dress,Dresses,Wedding Dress,Starch,Affordable,Cheap,Fast,Best,Cleaners,Union,Unipress,Unimac,Tampa J,USA
Two locations Serving pasco over 15 years!
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