We try in every way to do our part to be eco friendly. Help us acheive that goal and recycle your hangers you can bring them right back to us when you drop off your clothes on your next visit.

Join our team and help the enivorment out , every hanger counts!

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Following Items Are Prepay


Wedding Dresses

Table Cloths





Dry Cleaning Prices


Sweaters                         $ 2.99   

Jackets                            $ 3.99

Pants                              $ 3.99

Dresses                           $ 4.99

Silk, Linens & Pleats        -FREE-


**No Upcharges**

Laundry Prices


Shirts                               $ 1.49

Shorts                              $ 4.79

Pants                               $ 4.99

Comforters                      $ 18.99


Dry Cleaning Prices




Polo Shirts



"Our Customers are Our Business"

*A release my be required on certain fabrics, special finishing, and all household items.*Also We are a service provider, we do not collect any sales tax charge, though we are required by law to collect an enviormental charge in accordanance with the (DEP)Florida Department of Enviormental Protection Agency.

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