Do you know the difference between getting your shirt dry cleaned and laundering? No, well let me walk you through our process so you get a better idea. So next time if asked do you know the differnce your answer can be yes.


Is a cleaning process for clothing and textiles using a chemical solvent other than water.  A dry cleaning machine is similar to a combination of a washing machine and a clothes dryer. The clothes are placed in a drum which is the core of the machine.  The washing drum rotates within a outer shell. The shell holds the solvent, one-third of the solvent fills into the chamber rotating during the wash cycle to mix with the clothes. This is where loose soil is removed from the garment. During this wash cycle the solvent that is in the drum passes through a filtration

                           chamber then fed

                           back into the drum

                           for a period of time.

                            Once wash cycle completes, there is a rinse cycle  which the garment is fed fresh distilled solvent. After this rinse cycle the machine begins solvent extraction by draining the solvent from the washing drum by accelerating the drum to 350-450 RPM's . When no more solvent can be spun out, the drying phase begins, the garments are tumbled in steam that circulates the drum evaporating any traces of solvent left after spin cycle. The air temperature is regulated and controlled to prevent any heat damage to garments, the exhausted air from machine then passes through a

chiller unit where

solvent vapors are

condensed and

returned to the distilled solvent tank "clean solvent tank" where 99.99% of the solvent has been recovered  and eliminates air pollution.

After drying a deodrizing cycle happens by circulating cool air over the garments and then through a vapor recovery filter. The garment is now clean and ready for pressing and finishing.

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While dry cleaning utilizes a dry in, dry out process and uses a petroleum based solvent for its cleaning.

                               Laundered Shirts

                               are washed with

                                soap and water,

                               and depending

                                whether or not

                                 the customer added starch to there order then it must go thru one more cycle where the powder starch is added to the load. During this process, any starch needs to be added to an item after it has already been processed and cleaned. What we are now doing is getting the starch in the garment so it may be activated by the machinery when it is pressed later. During this cleaning process our top of the line machinery works vigorously and efficiently on giving you the best treatment possible to efficiently clean your items. After the laundering has completed its cleaning stage. The laundered items come out of the machines "wet" still being damp after its cleaning process. This is a required process for them to be pressed. This is a whole separate department from where the dry cleaning is pressed & finished. These machines are specifically designed to press laundered items wet, during the chemistry exchange between the starch and dampness these machines go to work curing your laundered items to a finished state.


**Want to learn a fun fact?

Guess how many laundering pressing machines it take to press just "ONE LAUNDERED SHIRT?" Think you guessed it?

Did you know it takes three separate machine stations to finish just 1 shirt. Interesting huh? One machines whole purpose is designed to just  press the Sleeves of the shirt. Then passed to a second machine where this machine is designed to press the collars and the cuffs on a shirt. Completing this process, they are placed in the third machine which does the chest and back, which we call the "Body Unit" This completes the process and your shirt is now pressed.










**No corners or cost are cut. We offer our laundered shirts at a price the competition cant touch. Now you can have a better understanding of the process and time it takes for what we do, and still we remain the industry leader in quality and affordable prices.

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Ever try to place one of your household comforters into your residential washer? Trying this could result in serious damage to your washer machine and also risking destroying the comforter.


We specialize in the processing of all size comforters, drapes , & other household items. Our Equipment is commercial grade and designed  and programmed for all applications.

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When you first drop off your clothes an employee with take in your clothes and tag them. Which identifies each individual item with a specific number for each item. This will be printed out on a tag which then is attached to that item. The number that is printed out on the tag will match the number in the computer that will group all your items under your name and list each individual item number paired with the description of item e.g long sleeve shirt, dress, black polo. This way we can keep track of your garments throughout the cleaning process and will be needed to help assemble the orders at the end of the process. Before getting put into the washer it will be checked to make sure items are taken out of pockets and see if spot treatment is needed for specific stains. Then your items are sent thru the dry cleaning machines, after they have finished there cleaning cycle. The garments are now sent to our finishing crew, where they are professionally pressed and processed. All garments now will go thru a final inspection. Upon passing inspection your garments are carefully packaged and are registered back thru our system to be marked as completed and ready for pick up.

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